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Does energy hold the key to transforming fortunes in Zimbabwe

“Zimbabwe is open for business” was the phrase of choice following the coup d’état of 2018 that led President Mnangagwa to power. There was anti-corruption...

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The UK-Africa trade relationship

A conversation with Emma Wade-Smith OBE and Andrew Skipper.

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All eyes on Africa – nurturing talent for the next wave of growth

An online recruitment platform is changing the hiring landscape across the African continent in staffing for much needed infrastructure and energy projects. Victor Thien, founder and...

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The 2020 Oil Price Crash | Lessons from Nigeria

On 20 April 2020, the oil and gas industry witnessed a historic fall of benchmark US oil futures into "uncharted territory" of below $0 a barrel. Indeed, the severe decline in oil demand...

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Water stress increases across Africa, but Egypt responds with an ambitious strategy

Throughout history, water has been a central guiding force behind the ebbs and flows of every nation’s social, economic and political power and prosperity. The River Nile and the...

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