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Data class actions guide

Does your processing of personal data fall within the scope of the GDPR? Are you ready to defend potential data-related litigation – in particular, data class actions?

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The Netherlands Commercial Court has arrived

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Dutch and European legislative initiatives on collective redress: clash or co-existence?

Collective redress is a hot topic. It is not only on the agenda of the European legislator, but also on the agenda of several legislators of the individual EU Member States, including the...

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Blurred boundaries: The latest developments in class actions, multi-claimant actions, and cross-border litigation in the EU and U.S.

The Second Edition Blurred Boundariescaptures the most essential collective action developments across the EU Member States and the United States. It addresses details on the blurred...

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Data Class Actions: the era of mass data litigation

Class actions are commonplace in the United States but relatively rare in Europe.


An update on the proposed introduction of a Collective Action for Damages in the Netherlands

In November 2016, the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice submitted unique draft legislation introducing collective damages actions in the Netherlands (the "Draft Legislation"). The...

Published Works

Why should a U.S. defendant be aware? Introduction of a European system for the attachment of bank accounts For the Defense

As of January 18, 2017, a new uniform European procedure has applied, which is an efficient and speedy way to preserve funds held in bank accounts in cross-border cases.


The Netherlands Post-Damages Directive: Will the Popularity as a Preferred Forum for Actions for Damages for Competition Law Infringements Increase? Global Competition Litigation Review

The Dutch Government implemented the EU Damages Directive into national law. The implementation act essentially aims to ensure that anyone who was suffered harm caused by an infringement of ...

Hogan Lovells Publications

Introduction of a European system for the attachment of bank accounts

The EAPO Regulation will apply which allows in cross-border cases for the preservation, in an efficient and speedy way, of funds held in bank accounts. The new European Account Preservation ...

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