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Innovations in Space: Nuclear and fusion power for deep space exploration

New technologies are reshaping the Space and Satellite arena, evolving, expanding, and combining in ways never before contemplated. Through our Innovations in Space series we examine...

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Advanced Nuclear Energy can Support a Just Transition for Communities that were Reliant on Coal Hogan Lovells New Nuclear blog

The White House demonstrates its continued support for fossil fuel communities during the current clean energy transition by standing up the Interagency Working Group on Coal and Power...


Stepping back to move forward: Biden Administration brings back the Social Cost of Carbon and other greenhouse gases

On Friday, February 26, the Biden Administration’s newly-resurrected Interagency Working Group on Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases (IWG) announced new values for three specific metrics ...

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Innovations in U.S. nuclear decommissioning and waste storage and their potential application in Taiwan

The field of nuclear decommissioning is in the midst of a major transformation, led by innovations in the United States. Since 1964, 36 nuclear reactors have shut down, 21 reactors are...

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The Regulation of Fusion – A Practical and Innovation-Friendly Approach

Fusion, the process that powers the Sun, has long been seen as the “holy grail” of energy production. The U.S. is now in a nuclear innovation renaissance, building upon...

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Department of Energy proposes rulemaking to clarify civil penalties for Part 810 export violations Energy Regulatory and International Trade Alert

On 3 October 2019, the Department of Energy (DOE) published a notice of proposed rulemaking regarding the imposition of civil penalties for violations of the Part 810 regulations (10 CFR...

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Innovations in decommissioning and their application abroad Nuclear News

A flexible and forward-thinking U.S. regulatory framework has enabled unprecedented innovations in nuclear plant decommissioning, and regulatory considerations will play a key role in...

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“Nuclear Energy Leadership Act” (S 3422): Important Legislation Introduced Aimed at Restoring U.S. Leadership in Nuclear Energy

A bipartisan group of nine U.S. senators has introduced the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act (NELA) (S 3422), a bill designed to help the United States return to its lead in nuclear energy...

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