Students and Graduates

If you are a student or you recently graduated from an Italian university, our Milan and Rome offices can offer you tailored opportunities to discover and experience the day-to day life of a global law firm; whilst putting to practice what you have learned, you will also have the chance to benefit from high quality...



Student Internship (Cross-department)

Apply for a three-month internship before your graduation, collaborate with colleagues from different practice groups and find out which area of law you want to master.

Student Internship (Specific department practice)

Apply for a three-month internship before your graduation, put theory into practice and start gaining experience in the area of law you are most passionate about.


If you have just graduated, begin your professional path with us. Discover the day-to-day life as a trainee in a global law firm, collaborate with international colleagues and work side by side with Associates and Partners in your team, sharing their challenges and responsibilities.

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