The Internet of Things Webinar Series - Drone fever: Is your business ready?

The next webinar in our Internet of Things series will be focusing on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or so-called "drones."

Join Lisa Ellman, Gretchen West, and Matthew Clark as they hold a close lens to this topic, leveraging their diverse industry knowledge and experience to provide an insightful and comprehensive look at the most important legal issues surrounding the use of commercial drones.

Key points to be addressed include:

  • The opportunities and benefits of commercial drones  
  • How businesses can successfully navigate rapidly evolving UAS legal and policy frameworks
  • Drone security issues and what to expect from the federal government
  • What’s next on the UAS legislative, regulatory, and policy fronts
Stay Tuned, More to Come!

Information on upcoming webinars in the Internet of Things Webinar Series will be announced.

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