Hogan Lovells and Partner Phyllis Wan Awarded for Workplace Innovation by The Diversity & Flexibility Alliance

New York, 17 March 2017 – Hogan Lovells is proud to announce that the firm and Denver-based partner Phyllis Wan were presented with awards by The Diversity & Flexibility Alliance, a think tank that collaborates with organizations to develop non-stigmatized flexible work policies that promote inclusive work cultures and help to advance more women into leadership positions.

On March 16, Hogan Lovells received the Flex Impact Award for its Global Agile Working Initiative, which rolled out in early 2016, and allows every attorney and business services member to create a unique agile working plan that can include remote working, reduced hours, staggered arrival and departure times, job sharing, and/or telecommuting. The award recognizes policies or initiatives which are poised to have a significant impact on the culture of flexibility in an organization or industry through positive change in the workplace, the success of the business, and/or the recruitment and retention of talent, according to the organization.

"It's an honor to be recognized with the first-ever Flex Impact Award from the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance," said Eve Howard, Hogan Lovells' Regional Managing Partner for the Washington, D.C. region. "Agile working is about embracing ways of working that are more innovative and efficient and designed to give each member of our firm more control over how to balance personal and professional lives, while continuing to deliver outstanding service to our clients. We are committed to supporting our employees in their professional development – whatever direction that might take – and we have found that agile working has allowed us to foster a range of needs and interests, improving our talent retention, and promoting stronger engagement while maintaining our sense of community."

Denver-based partner Phyllis Wan, a participant in the firm's Global Agile Working Initiative and former U.S. Chief Diversity Officer, will also be recognized as a 2017 Flex Success™ Award Honoree along with her client, Carol McDaniel of AXS TV. The Flex Success Award recognizes lawyers who have achieved a high level of success while working a reduced hours schedule as well as a client who has played an integral role in making workplace flexibility successful. While Phyllis' flexible work schedule has evolved over the years as the needs of her family have changed, her commitment to her clients and to the firm have been consistent.

"It is a tremendous honor to receive the Flex Success™ Award with my client, Carol McDaniel, Vice President of Administration and Operations at AXS TV LLC & HDNet Movies LLC – a client which has supported my flexible working arrangement for the past 14 years and valued my contributions, regardless of whether they found me working at the office, in my home, or on the go with my family," said Wan.

In hearing of her nomination, Cole Finegan, the firm's Regional Managing Partner for the Americas noted, "Phyllis is a prime example for partners, clients, and young lawyers alike of how a reduced-time arrangement does not mean a lawyer is not available when called upon and will not successfully balance her personal demands with their business needs."

Robert Thoele, CFO and General Counsel of AXS TV and HDNet Movies added, "We understand that a company in the entertainment industry, which serves the general public and many generations of viewers, has to embrace flexible work arrangements to recruit and retain the best and brightest talent. This benefits everyone in the end."

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